alphabet photography

  I learned the history of photography. I learned how to use a camera I learned how to use the manual mode on a camera I learned that Edgar a cutie fr I learned how to edit my photos in photoshop and lightroom  

body shape form

  Strong Clean Chiseled Sharp Pugnacious Craggy Smooth Prominent immaculate sexy built amazing

camera modes

Automatic Mode- The camera does everything for you. It adjusts the ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, White Balance, etc. However, it guesses what you want, but it won’t exactly get what you want. Portrait Mode- The camera will automatically largen the aperture and keeps your background out of…

career tree photography

Which photography related career(s) are you most interested in? After doing some research on the career, what are some of the job responsibilities? What is the basic salary (in the location you would like to live in)? What interests you about this field? What education…

Nat Geo Magazine Covers

i like these covers because I like the art on them and how it talked about the news also you can see how old these news Storys are because of the date.  

white balance

Sunny, which works for mid-morning and mid-afternoon sun Shade, which works for scenarios with heavy shade (e.g., portraits under a tree) Cloudy, which works for outdoor scenes featuring overcast lighting Flash, which works for scenes lit by standard off-camera speedlights and pop-up flashes Incandescent, which…

50 things

in LR all the editing Pannels are in one place another difference is that you can bulk edit in LR another one is Photoshop can make complex edits. now 3 similarities are there both image editing tool used by armature and professionals. they are both…